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Launch —
La Garçonne Totes

Debuting a trio of La Garçonne tote bags, including a collaborative design by Camiel Fortgens & Anan Striker and a holiday–themed tote from designer Sara Lanzi.

“When I design, what I create will never be what I initially imagine. The piece creates itself through mistakes and the process of craft along the way. Similarly, the artist Anan Striker, with whom I collaborated for this design, lets his hand coordinate his work, resulting in coincidences that lead to the final piece. This collaborative overlap is the result of our tote design.”

“The evergreen tree is a strong symbol that conveys the holiday season, and they are so beautiful without ornaments. I created a graphic pattern of the tree so that it seems to disappear and reappear until you see the one tree, evoking the amazing holiday spirit.”

Our in-house team designed a tote evoking La Garçonne’s precise aesthetic viewpoint, combining a simple grid of dot — reminiscent of drafting paper — with our affinity for impeccable typography. The result is a timeless, understated graphic you’ll want to carry through the year.

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